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Kit shown with added SMBC items                                              Basic Kit shown Finished
Basic Kit comes complete with:
Drive-In Building with Base, 4 Walls, Marquee, Counter & Brackets
Roof with 2 - stacks.
2 - Menu Boards, 2 - Food Trays with Food Items,
Self-Adhesive Signage Sheet and Waterslide Decal Sheet.

Base: 10" Wide  x  9" Deep
Building: 7-1/2" Wide  x  7" Deep  x 5" Tall
Marquee: 7" Tall  x 4" Wide

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           Basic kit                          Menu Board                       Food Tray                      Self-Adhesive &
                                                                                                                                                                             Waterslide Decal Sheet

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Basic Kit
Our Price $49.00
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Diner Umbrella Table w/Decals
Our Price $9.95

Diner Umbrella Table

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Menu Board
Our Price $6.95

Menu Board

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Food Tray
Our Price $1.95

Food Tray

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Sample                                  Item
Car Hop (Staci)

Our Price $6.95

Car Hop (Staci)

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Sample                                  Item

Our Price $11.95


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